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Northern Kentucky voters will help elect a U.S. senator, a U.S. representative, three county judge-executives, nine county commissioners, state representatives,county officials and city and school board officials. For voter information, call (859) 491-4780 in Kenton, (859) 334-2130 in Boone and (859) 292-3885 in Campbell. For months, demolition experts have debated whether to use dynamite or wrecking balls to bring down the not-so-old stadium that, to Cincinnati sportsfans, always will be called Riverfront.

The explosive blast that really rattled the ballpark to its foundations, though, came 30 autumns ago, late on an October afternoon when a small-town boy from Oklahoma sparked the most electrifying moment in Riverfront Stadium’s 32-year history — one that also arguably is the most transcendent not just in Cincinnati Reds history, but in the history of sports in Cincinnati.

This is how The Post described the scene on Fountain Square hours after Johnny Bench’s on-field heroics that day: “It was New Year’s Eve, the Fourth of July and the end of World War II all rolled into one.” The hyperbole fit. Because if the New York Giants’ Bobby Thomson’s 1951 playoff homer has been immortalized in baseball lore as the “Shot Heard `Round the World” — in large measure because of the famous radio call, “The Giants win the pennant! The Giants win the pennant!” — then Bench’s indisputably was “The Shot Heard `Round the Tri-State.”

There were, of course, many other memorable scenes in a stadium where the Reds won three World Series and, in the 1970s, as the Big Red Machine, fielded a fearsome lineup often compared to the ’27 Yankees as perhaps baseball’s greatest ever:

Pete Rose barreling over Cleveland’s Ray Fosse to score the winning run in the 1970 All-Star game and, 15 years later, weeping in the arms of his son at first base after passing Ty Cobb to become baseball’s all-time hits king. Property lawyers are doing legal process for our valuable property investors who want to do conveyancing process. Hank Aaron hitting the first home run at Riverfront and producing a bigger slice of baseball history there four years later on Opening Day 1974 when, after one pitch and one swing, he stood beside Babe Ruth at No. 714.

Tom Browning’s 1988 perfect game and Tom Seaver’s no-hitter a decade earlier. Sparky Anderson superstitiously stepping over, never on, the baselines as “Captain Hook” headed to the mound to lift another pitcher. Joe Morgan’s trademark arm flap as he readied himself in the batter’s box, Tony Perez’s gentle rocking motion at the plate as he strung together big RBI seasons, the packed stands whenever the Dodgers came to town during the great rivalry of the `70s.



What Are The Main Duties Of A Property Valuer

Whitbread-Strata-Insurance-impact-of-building-valuationBuying a real estate property is a completely different ball game and is unlike buying and selling other movable and immovable assets. There are quite a few formalities that have to be gone through. Amongst the various formalities the role of property valuation is considered very important. While the main objective of any property valuation is to ensure the fair market value of the property in question, there are a number of other value additions that the customers can expect. Over the next few lines let us try and find out the various duties that could be expected of a professional and successful valuer.

The foremost and most important duty of a valuer is to establish the fair market value of the property that is being bought or sold. Though the market could play a role in giving a rough indication, this will not stand in good stead as far as legal enforceability is concerned. It is therefore important to look for qualified and certified valuers for property Melbourne who valuation reports serve the purpose. It would be pertinent to mention here that a good valuation report serves more than one purpose. It is the basis for calculation of property taxes and it is also useful for having a fix on the stamp duty payable.

Apart from the above, a good valuer will also go beyond his normal call of duty. He will play a big role in helping the buyers in particular to get some qualitative and subjective pieces of information which will be of help to him. Good and professional valuation reports will talk about the state of infrastructure in the location. It will also make a mention of the various amenities and facilities that are available in the area. This will help the buyer to take a decision whether to go in for such a property or not.

It would also be pertinent to mention here that many valuers are masters in valuing any property, however complicated the case may be. When it comes to backdated or retrospective property valuation, you must choose valuers who have the right experience and expertise to handle the same. It is also the case with compensation valuations where the property owners are compensated for land that is taken away by government authorities. This is usually done to complete some socially relevant projects that will benefit society as a whole. Hence, you must choose a valuer who can handle any type of valuation.

What To Look For When Hiring Property Valuers

Patent-Trademark-Copyright-Design-Management-Software1-300x268Unless one understands the importance and significance of property valuation, it would be difficult for them to comprehend the need for quality valuers. Unlike common perceptions, valuation is not an easy job or it is not something that can be done by the customers  themselves. The main purpose of property valuation is to find out the fair market value of the property that is being put up either for sale or purchase. The fair market value helps all the stakeholders. It helps the buyer to have a comfort level about the rate at which he is buying the property. For the government authorities a quality valuation report from a certified valuer helps them to have a fix on property tax that is to be paid on the property once the transaction is over. It also helps to have a better understanding of the stamp duty that is payable on the property transaction.

Since the importance of valuation is now known to us the next step is to find out ways and means by which we can hire the best talent that is available. This is not an easy job because today you are likely to come across dozens of valuers who are quite qualified and experienced. Hence, choosing the right service provider from so many choices could certainly be a tough job. Here a few important points that could help you to choose the right best valuers for property sydney.

To begin with as a customer you should look for valuers who are experienced, apart from having the right certificate and qualification. It is also important for customers to look for valuers who can handle almost any type of valuation, however simple or complex it might be. There is also the need to look for valuers who are comfortable with various methods of valuations taking into account specific needs and requirements of customers.

Timely submission of reports and returns is another important aspect that must be kept in mind while hiring property valuers. This is easier said than done because at times the timelines required by customers could be very tough and challenging, which the valuers must be able to honor. Last but not the least, customers must look for valuers who can offer their services at competitive rates without compromising on the quality of services that they offer.

How Web Awards And Competitions Can Help Property Valuation Perth Business

Perth-ValuationThe real estate valuation business is becoming intensely competitive and therefore there should be some new ways and means to reach out to new prospects apart from retaining existing customers. While expanding the scope of real estate valuation and including other movable and immovable assets in the basket could be a way out. Let us also try and out how taking part in web awards and competitions can play a big role in helping changeover the image of old fashioned and conventional real estate companies.

One of the main reasons why being present in the internet is important is because this is where all the action is. Most of the customers of today are glued to the internet and spend lot of time looking for information apart from entertainment purposes. Hence, it is important for Perth property valuation companies to understand this changing consumer behavior pattern and also buying habits. The best way to reap the benefits of the internet is to take part in various web based competitions. They are a very inexpensive but extremely method by which one can reach out to more number of customers. Once a real estate company having a website of its own takes part in such competitions there is every reason to believe that its popularity will go up by quite a few notches.

Such increase in popularity will make the real estate companies and their websites a point of discussions amongst existing customers and also prospective customers. This will certainly go a long way in making them much sought after at least for curiosity sake. Once the customers and prospects start visiting the website it will be not long before the results start coming in.

It would also be not out of place to mention here that many modern day property valuers also pay a lot of attention to the use of technology by valuation companies. They expect that even the smallest of valuation companies should have their own website. Further when they come across such companies taking part in various competitions on the internet, they will certainly have many reasons to assign a higher value to such companies. Hence, taking the above facts into account it makes lot of sense for the valuation companies to have their own websites. Additionally they should find out ways and means by which they are able to participate in such web competitions and perhaps even win an award or two.

A Guide To Property Valuation – What To Evaluate

rentalpropertyvaluationinfographicWhenever a property is bought or sold there are quite a few mandatory things that should be done and property valuation is one such task. Basically there are two types of property  valuation, commercial and residential. The main objective of both these valuations is to help the buyers to take a decision that is based on reliable and correct information. This goes a long way in helping all concerned save time and money. The main purpose of property valuation is to find out the fair market value of the property that is being planned for purchase. His job is to find out the financial value of the building, the land or both of it. While valuing a property he takes into account quite a few things including some improvements that might have been made to it.

Property valuation is usually done only after going through the entire due diligence process. For example the primary task of the property valuer is to examine the property manually and find out that it matches perfectly with the property documents that the seller must be in possession. Particular care is taken regarding easements, covenants and other encumbrances which could prove very costly for the buyer at a later point in time. The valuers also find out if the property runs the risk of government takeover for some socially important and relevant projects.

Once the property has been physically examined then the process of generating the valuation report starts. This is done by taking the various inputs into account and then coming out with what is considered to be the fair market value of the property. The valuers use different methods and modes of property valuation keeping in mind the requirement of the customer and the property. It would also be pertinent to mention here that good and professional property valuers value not only real estate properties but also other movable and immovable assets.

They also use different types of valuations depending on the age, location and other such characteristics of the property. For example if the property is old and runs back to a few decades or even centuries they it would be necessary for the valuers to go in for backdated or retrospective valuation. In the same light when a property is being planned for takeover by the government departments then the valuers chip in with their experience and come out with what is often referred to as compensation valuations.

What To Expect From A Good Property Valuation Report

Valuation-2 intangibleWhen we buy or sell a real estate property we would like to be sure about certain things. We would like to know that we are buying or selling it at the right price. Towards this objective, the valuation report that is submitted by a property valuer is very important. It might be a single page report where the most important objective piece of information could be the fair market value of the property. However, it would be wrong to state that this is the only piece of information that is available in the valuation report. There could different pieces of information depending on the specific needs and requirements of the customer. While no doubt it will feature the fair market value of the property in question, it will also show the ways and means by which they have arrived at this figure. In other words, it will give the customer a brief idea about the methods adopted, the inputs taken, the tools use and other such details apart from the valuation report.

The legal aspects of the properties will be also available in a professional property valuation report. For example it will talk about the legal owner of the property as available in the government record books. It will also confirm the physical measurement of the property with what is available in the property documents. It will also make a mention of the absence or presence of easements, covenants and other encumbrances that could impede the overall value of the property in question. Therefore there is no doubt that a valuation report could be useful to both the buyers and sellers in more ways than one.

A few professional valuers go further and add a lot of other subjective pieces of information that could specifically be of great use to the buyer. The report will talk about the development of infrastructure in the area, the availability of various common amenities and facilities and other such details. It will draw a comparison of other similar properties in the area and try to establish the fair market value of the property in question. Hence, there is no doubt that a property valuation report cannot be just a mere statement about the fair market value but much more than that. In fact professional valuation reports are used for calculation of property tax amount and also for having a fix on the stamp duty payable on agreements.

Understanding The Entire Process Of Property Valuation Better

clouds31If you are on the lookout for the right property valuer, as a customer the onus is on you to have the right knowledge and information about these service providers. Unless we know what to expect from a good valuer we will not hire the right persons. Further it is also important that we have some basic idea about the entire process flow as far as the roles and responsibilities of property valuers are concerned.

Before going through the process flow of a property valuation professional, let us try and understand what his main roles and functions are. The main job of a property valuer is to provide a fair value of the property that is either being bought or sold. There is no doubt that the market will also be able to provide some rough information about the prevailing rates of a property. However, these rates are just for information sake and cannot be legally enforced. Hence, whenever there is a need to transfer property from one person to another it is the valuers’ report that plays a very important role. Further, valuation reports also have subjective information that are very useful to the buyers in particular. Well presented and informative valuation reports have a mention about the quality of infrastructure and the development of various amenities in the locality where the property is situated. This goes a long way in helping the buyers take an informed decision.

Let us now look at the various processes that are involved when a property is valued. It is a pretty simple process. Whenever a request for valuation is received from the customer, the valuation professionals ask for some basic property details. Once it is received, they usually make a visit to the site and examine the property purely from the valuation point of view. They have a look at the size of the property, its age, the exact location and from other parameters. They then use various tools and methods to arrive at the fair market value of the property in question. They also take inputs from markets and also have a look at the value of similar properties in the same location.

They usually send the valuation report in a confidential format to the customer. It is also possible that many banks and financial institutions also seek these valuation reports for credit appraisal purposes. Here too the reports are sent in a confidential format and is available only to the concerned officials of the bank.