Tips on Google Adwords

Google Adwords can help you drive many visitors to your site if know how to make the most of this advertising system. If you’ve ever before planned to find out more about this marketing program, here are the 5 best tips for using it effectively.

Split Testing

This is an approach used to drastically improve your click-through-rate (CTR) in your ads. Adwords requires writing articles for your site. With split-testing, you will create a new ad campaign and write two ads which were almost similar. However, one of these ads should be simply a little different than the other. Leave both ads to do their thing for a fortnight, after this time one of them should be at the forefront with its CTR. Change up the one that had a smaller CTR and keep experimenting with it until it finally can beat the other one. Try to test the ads for a certain period in order to account for audience and day of the week fluctuations.

Negative Keywords

Negative keywords can assist you to create a more highly targeted ad. One example of this would be if you were selling a product and you didn’t want to be charged per-click for the visitors that are looking to get something free. This is done by putting ‘free’ with a negative sign before it within your set of negative words.

Ask a Question

Adwords results show that people are likely to click on an ad which asks them a question and seems to offer them an answer. Experiment by making the title of your ad a question as a means of catching the attention of someone, and then by answering the question with a solution in the text of the ad.

Stay Within Your Budget

When you are first deciding on a daily budget, do not overpay! A small budget will allow you to test your advertising campaign with little risk. You can also test several campaigns for a variety of keywords and learn about what people are trying to find on the internet without breaking the bank. A good start-up goal is $20 for a day, paying less than 50-cents for every single PPC – essentially in the 5 to a 10-cent range, and don’t increase that amount until you begin seeing some sales

Choosing Keywords

Avoid picking as many keywords as possible so you can get displayed as much as you can. You do not want to have so many keywords that are not clicked on that it lowers your CTR and deducts from your quality score. Choose keywords that are really targeted for your product, site or service, without having more than 20 to start out with as more will be added later on. When you start an ad campaign the key trick is to take things slowly, don’t try to do too much too soon, as the advertisement campaigns are successful, or you manage to change them so they become successful, then you can commence to up the tempo a bit

Hiring A Salesman for Your Business

We get it.

You need to grow, and to grow you need more sales. Hiring a good salesman is never an easy task. I recently talked with a business coach who has several years experience finding good salesman.

He has a very rigid process to help weed out and find the best salesman out there in your local area. One thing he pointed out to me is this:

All salesman are not created equally.

Meaning, a salesman may be really good at selling every used car on each of the used car lots in Wilmington NC , but no so good at selling every piece of software for a software company in Asheville, NC.

Does this mean he is a bad salesman?


This just means he is good at selling certain things because of his personality traits. To me, this was baffling! I always thought a good salesman was a good salesman. I always believed that a good salesman could sell anything…and since they can sell anything, they are going to work for a company selling something that makes them the most money possible.

He disagreed!

I highlighted a service that I found on the internet called a time to hire. This company guarantees a minimum of 40 calls from 400 resumes in under 48 hours. They use an algorithm to search inside of resumes posted on large job sites. I was worried about the logistics of having that many phone calls from potential salesman applicants coming in so quickly.

I don’t have any process in place to answer the calls and set the appointment. He explained a very simple process, that you can mimic, in order to have the onslaught of potential candidates weed themselves out. First, have them call in to a pre-recorded message. This message will give them tasks to do.

That task will have them send an e-mail while answering some questions. From that response you will want to have them sign up for a group interview. That way you get everyone in the room at 1 time on the same day (vs dozens of 1 hour interviews). Once you have them all in the same room, you then bring them through a presentation.

The presentation will cover your businesses culture, values, where you are and where you are headed. Then you have each person in the room stand up and introduce themselves with a 30 second commercial. After that you have them write down and fill out a full lengthy, essay style application.

Now, instead of wasting 20-40 hours answering calls, interviewing people 1 on 1, and hoping you find the right person…

You automate with having them dial into a number that has a voicemail with instructions, then you have an e-mail where they were supposed to e-mail more information (if they followed the instructions), and then your response is 1 date and 1 time for them to be able to show up to. This process is slowly weeding out candidates for you!

Once you have them in the room, you will be able to see how well they articulate their answers and carry their selves. Then at the end, the final written application will do the final qualifying for you. Out of your list of 40 potential candidates, you should have a clear winner or 2 and the only amount of time you spent is 1-2 hours setting it all up!

Go ahead and use this process the next time you need to find a good salesman to help grow your companies sales and revenue.

Marketing Tips in the HVAC Industry

One of the most competitive markets you can find online is the HVAC industry. There are huge authority sites, such as home advisor , who drive expensive leads in this industry and usually share the first page with many local vendors. Being a local vendor and fighting against home advisor is difficult. Some would think “if you can’t beat them, join them”. With some business models this is an OK thing. However, I am a firm believer in getting your own assets to the first page and drive in your own leads (instead of sharing with your competitors via home advisor). If you have a well designed page, like, you can convert your traffic into customers. Strong call to actions to give a call or set up an appointment are keys to converting your traffic into customers and taking control of your online presence. Check out this video below for more information:

Assessing Your Website

Assessing your website design wilmington nc 

Though recommendations do vary, it is nevertheless advisable that you consider updating your website’s design after every 2-3 years. However, making tweaks throughout the year is highly advisable. This can be in terms of updating pictures, offering new information, and adding new services, product, or staff members. Some of the things to consider when evaluating your website include:

· Check whether you have new services or products

· Check whether your target market has changed

· Check whether your competitors have created a new branding of website that surpasses yours

· Check if your website is compatible with mobile or tablet devices

· Check if the overall design is trending

· Check your firm’s rank on the search engines

· Check if it is possible to make small amendments on your website

Based on the results you get from your web design firm wilmington nc, you can decide if to put a new website or continue with the current one.

Choosing an SEO Company

Picking from seo companies in wilmington nc can be very difficult.

What do you look for when choosing a company that is responsible for all of your first page success? First, you want to find out how long they have been in business! The longer, the better. Second, you want to ask them to show you some of their current rankings in the search engines. If they can’t prove they are good with results, then why even bother using them?

Last, I would take the time to look up references! Ask them for references or clients they have worked for in the past. Choosing the right digital marketing agency to perform you seo wilmington nc is paramount to your online success!

Follow these simple guidelines, and remember to be patient!

Importance of Good Website Design

Importance of Good Website Design Wilmington NC

In the modern world where people spend most of their day online, having a standard website will just not make the cut. Based on the product, more than 80% of consumers tend to visit a firm’s website before they commit to making a purchase. With every day bringing an increased number of consumers who make decisions depending on their online experience, usability, accessibility, and appearance of your website becomes more important than before. This is more so if you are based in a competitive market.

Having the right knowledge of the role played by your website can be of great benefit to your business. Try thinking of it as an addition to employees. In a similar way that you will desist from sending an unkempt salesperson to represent your , website design firm wilmington nc you should also not send an average website to a consumer who is particularly searching for your service or product.

Working on your website is also the ideal time to contemplate the rest of your brandings such as logo, color palette, and message. It won’t make any sense investing in a well-built, friendly website, and fail to incorporate the proper design elements that will make your website to visually stand out.