Hiring A Salesman for Your Business

We get it.

You need to grow, and to grow you need more sales. Hiring a good salesman is never an easy task. I recently talked with a business coach who has several years experience finding good salesman.

He has a very rigid process to help weed out and find the best salesman out there in your local area. One thing he pointed out to me is this:

All salesman are not created equally.

Meaning, a salesman may be really good at selling every used car on each of the used car lots in Wilmington NC , but no so good at selling every piece of software for a software company in Asheville, NC.

Does this mean he is a bad salesman?


This just means he is good at selling certain things because of his personality traits. To me, this was baffling! I always thought a good salesman was a good salesman. I always believed that a good salesman could sell anything…and since they can sell anything, they are going to work for a company selling something that makes them the most money possible.

He disagreed!

I highlighted a service that I found on the internet called a time to hire. This company guarantees a minimum of 40 calls from 400 resumes in under 48 hours. They use an algorithm to search inside of resumes posted on large job sites. I was worried about the logistics of having that many phone calls from potential salesman applicants coming in so quickly.

I don’t have any process in place to answer the calls and set the appointment. He explained a very simple process, that you can mimic, in order to have the onslaught of potential candidates weed themselves out. First, have them call in to a pre-recorded message. This message will give them tasks to do.

That task will have them send an e-mail while answering some questions. From that response you will want to have them sign up for a group interview. That way you get everyone in the room at 1 time on the same day (vs dozens of 1 hour interviews). Once you have them all in the same room, you then bring them through a presentation.

The presentation will cover your businesses culture, values, where you are and where you are headed. Then you have each person in the room stand up and introduce themselves with a 30 second commercial. After that you have them write down and fill out a full lengthy, essay style application.

Now, instead of wasting 20-40 hours answering calls, interviewing people 1 on 1, and hoping you find the right person…

You automate with having them dial into a number that has a voicemail with instructions, then you have an e-mail where they were supposed to e-mail more information (if they followed the instructions), and then your response is 1 date and 1 time for them to be able to show up to. This process is slowly weeding out candidates for you!

Once you have them in the room, you will be able to see how well they articulate their answers and carry their selves. Then at the end, the final written application will do the final qualifying for you. Out of your list of 40 potential candidates, you should have a clear winner or 2 and the only amount of time you spent is 1-2 hours setting it all up!

Go ahead and use this process the next time you need to find a good salesman to help grow your companies sales and revenue.